Set of 10



A set of material hexagons developed to inspire innovation in materials.


Crafted out of 10 different materials, some repurposed, some the product of combining two materials to make a new one. The set of is a tool to seamlessly present new materials in order to inspire innovation. 


Some of the materials include: rubber gloves knotted together; excellent for flooring or impact protection, salmon leather; a by-product from the fishing industry, ramen noodles; a simple starch-based material composed out of flour and water, but with a very hard surface. Other materials include hardened orange peels and expired omega 3 pills attached by heat welding. 


The set also contains materials already in use, such as plywood, which sometimes is bonded with toxic resins, but is included in the set to inspire conversation of alternative ways to create wood products that might not entail deforestation. The wool is included for the same reason, to promote the use of an established natural material that has genuine benefits over many synthetic ones. 

Copyright 2020. Ellen Bjerborn. All rights reserved

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